Chapter 2 AWS Overview

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the most popular cloud platform. It’s full-featured & popular with coders, app developers, and IT professionals.

2.1 AWS Service Platform

AWS has a lot of services to choose from, and they can get overwhelming quickly.

2.2 Elastic Compute (EC2) - Most Important

The most important cloud offereing is Elastic Compute (EC2). These are virtual servers that you can spin up and rent. You can set the servers up however you want, and you can scale them up or down (to provide more juice) as needed.

2.3 Definitions

  • EC2 Instance - A virtual server that exists remotely in the cloud.

  • SSH - Stands for Secure Shell, SSH is how we connect to the server.

  • Amazon Machine Image (AMI) - The initial software that we start the server with. AMW has thousands of AMI’s to choose from.

  • Ubuntu - A distribution of LINUX that is commonly used to setup EC2 Servers because of it’s high quality open source operating system. We will use the Ubuntu Server AMI (Free Tier Eligible) available through AWS.

Become a Expert Shiny Developer with AWS

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