Chapter 3 AWS EC2 Server Setup

This document covers setting up a single EC2 Instance on AWS.

3.1 Step 1 - Select AMI

Pick an Amazon Machine Image (AMI) that suits your needs. In the course, we will select “Free Tier Eligible”, which is a t2.micro that comes with 1 CPU and 1GB RAM.

3.2 Step 2 - Select the Instance Type (CPU & RAM)

We are going with Free Tier Eligible, which has 1 CPU & 1GB RAM.

3.3 Step 3 - Configure Instance

Leave these settings as-is. We can always address Networking later via VPC, Subnet, Routing, and more.

3.4 Step 4 - Add Storage

Increase to 30 GB of storage. This is the maximum within the “Free Tier”.

3.5 Step 5 - Add Tags

Skip this step.

3.6 Step 6 - Configure Security Group

Add a new security group with the following ports open:

  • 3838: Shiny Server
  • 8787: RStudio Server

3.7 Step 7 - Review & Launch

Double-check your settings. If happy, click launch.

3.8 Step 8 - Key Pair

If your first key-pair, you will need to create. Moving forward, you can re-use keys.

3.9 Step 9 - Instance

It will take about 5-10 minutes to launch your instance.

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