Chapter 4 AWS Cost Management & Budget

These instructions will help you set up billing alerts to prevent cost creep.

4.1 Cost Explorer (Reviewing Costs)

Use the cost explorer to analyze your cost history.

  1. Filter by Services
  2. Add date ranges and forecasting to visualize expected costs

4.2 Budgets & Alerts (Prevent Creep)

Use budgets and alerts to prevent costs from getting out of control.

4.2.1 Step 1 - Start with Create Budget

First, navigate to Budgets inside Cost Management, and click “Create Budget”

4.2.2 Step 2 - Select “Cost Budget”

4.2.3 Step 3 - Set your budget

  1. Name your budget.
  2. Add Budget Ammount.
  3. Use filtering to target specific services (e.g. EC2 Specific Budget). Leave filters blank for an overall budget.

4.2.4 Step 4 - Make Alerts

  1. Use the threshold to specify when to trigger alert.
  2. Set up email contacts to for email alerts.

4.2.5 Step 5 - Confirm Budget

Review and accept if correct.

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