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A proven process for deploying applications in the Cloud with Shiny and AWS.

0.1 Why Read this Book?

A big problem exists… No one teaches Data Scientists how to deploy web applications. You spend all of this time building Shiny web applications. And then… [silence].

This book alongside the Shiny Developer with AWS Course (DS4B 202A-R) solves this problem - teaching Data Scientists how to deploy, host, and maintain web applications.

Here’s an example of what you learn how to deploy on your own AWS server: An Application Library with Full-Text Search for navigating your web apps that you build and deploy.

You learn several powerful application development operations (DevOps) technologies:

In the process, you learn how to move your shiny applications from your local computer to a production environment.

This book is the online companion to the Shiny Developer with AWS Course (DS4B 202A-R).

Become a Expert Shiny Developer with AWS

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