Contributing (Developer Setup)

Interested in contributing?

Make sure to Fork the GitHub Repo. Clone your fork. Then use poetry to install the pytimetk package.

1 GitHub

To contribute, you’ll need to have a GitHub account. Then:

1. Fork our pytimetk repository

Head to our GitHub Repo and select “fork”. This makes a copied version of pytimetk for your personal use.

2. Clone your forked version

Cloning will put your own personal version of pytimetk on your local machine. Make sure to replace [your_user_name] with your user name.

git clone[your_user_name]/pytimetk

2 Poetry Environment Setup

To install pytimetk using Poetry, follow these steps:

1. Prerequisites

Make sure you have Python 3.9 or later installed on your system.

2. Install Poetry

To install Poetry, you can use the official installer provided by Poetry. Do not use pip.

3. Install Dependencies

Use Poetry to install the package and its dependencies:

poetry install

or you can create a virtualenv with poetry and install the dependencies

poetry shell
poetry install

3 Submit a Pull Request

1. Make changes on a Branch

Make changes in your local version on a branch where my-feature-branch is a branch you’d like to create that contains modifications.

git checkout -b my-feature-branch

2. Push to your forked version of pytimetk

git push origin my-feature-branch

3. Create a Pull Request

  • Go to your forked repository on GitHub and switch to your branch.
  • Click on “New pull request” and compare the changes you made with the original repository.
  • Fill out the pull request template with the necessary information, explaining your changes, the reason for them, and any other relevant information.

4. Submit the Pull Request

  • Review your changes and submit the pull request.

4 Next Steps 🍻

We will review your PR. If all goes well, we’ll merge! And then you’ve just helped the community. 🍻