Helper to make parsnip model specs from a dials parameter grid

create_model_grid(grid, f_model_spec, engine_name, ..., engine_params = list())



A tibble that forms a grid of parameters to adjust


A function name (quoted or unquoted) that specifies a parsnip model specification function


A name of an engine to use. Gets passed to parsnip::set_engine().


Static parameters that get passed to the f_model_spec


A list of additional parameters that can be passed to the engine via parsnip::set_engine(...).


Tibble with a new colum named .models


This is a helper function that combines dials grids with parsnip model specifications. The intent is to make it easier to generate workflowset objects for forecast evaluations with modeltime_fit_workflowset().

The process follows:

  1. Generate a grid (hyperparemeter combination)

  2. Use create_model_grid() to apply the parameter combinations to a parsnip model spec and engine.

The output contains ".model" column that can be used as a list of models inside the workflow_set() function.

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library(tidymodels) library(modeltime) # Parameters that get optimized grid_tbl <- grid_regular( learn_rate(), levels = 3 ) # Generate model specs grid_tbl %>% create_model_grid( f_model_spec = boost_tree, engine_name = "xgboost", # Static boost_tree() args mode = "regression", # Static set_engine() args engine_params = list( max_depth = 5 ) )
#> # A tibble: 3 × 2 #> learn_rate .models #> <dbl> <list> #> 1 0.0000000001 <spec[+]> #> 2 0.00000316 <spec[+]> #> 3 0.1 <spec[+]>