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The time series forecasting package for the tidymodels ecosystem.

Features & Benefits

Modeltime unlocks time series models and machine learning in one framework

No need to switch back and forth between various frameworks. modeltime unlocks machine learning & classical time series analysis.

A streamlined workflow for forecasting

Modeltime incorporates a simple workflow (see Getting Started with Modeltime) for using best practices to forecast.

A streamlined workflow for forecasting

A streamlined workflow for forecasting

Interactive plotting by default

All plots incorporate both plotly (interactive) and ggplot2 (static) visualizations. This means you can quickly add forecasts to shiny apps, rmarkdown documents, and more.



Install the development version from with:

# install.packages("devtools")

Learning More

I teach modeltime in my Time Series Analysis & Forecasting Course. If interested in learning Pro-Forecasting Strategies then join my waitlist. The course is coming soon.

You will learn:

  • Time Series Preprocessing, Noise Reduction, & Anomaly Detection
  • Feature engineering using lagged variables & external regressors
  • Hyperparameter Tuning
  • Time series cross-validation
  • Ensembling Multiple Machine Learning & Univariate Modeling Techniques (Competition Winner)
  • NEW - Deep Learning with RNNs (Competition Winner)
  • and more.

Signup for the Time Series Course waitlist