Get all stocks in a stock index or stock exchange in tibble format

tq_index(x, use_fallback = FALSE)






A single character string, a character vector or tibble representing a single stock index or multiple stock indexes.


A boolean that can be used to return a fallback data set last downloaded when the package was updated. Useful if the website is down. Set to FALSE by default.


Returns data in the form of a tibble object.


tq_index() returns the stock symbol, company name, weight, and sector of every stock in an index. The source is

tq_index_options() returns a list of stock indexes you can choose from.

tq_exchange() returns the stock symbol, company, last sale price, market capitalization, sector and industry of every stock in an exchange. Three stock exchanges are available (AMEX, NASDAQ, and NYSE).

tq_exchange_options() returns a list of stock exchanges you can choose from. The options are AMEX, NASDAQ and NYSE.

See also

tq_get() to get stock prices, financials, key stats, etc using the stock symbols.


# Load libraries library(tidyquant) # Get the list of stock index options tq_index_options()
#> [1] "DOW" "DOWGLOBAL" "SP400" "SP500" "SP600"
# Get all stock symbols in a stock index if (FALSE) { tq_index("DOW") } # Get the list of stock exchange options tq_exchange_options()
#> [1] "AMEX" "NASDAQ" "NYSE"
# Get all stocks in a stock exchange if (FALSE) { tq_exchange("NYSE") }