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Use this function to quickly install and configure a GluonTS environment for use with modeltime.gluonts.

install_gluonts() uninstall_gluonts()
Install / Uninstall GluonTS

GluonTS Algorithm Integrations

The main algorithms that have been integrated with modeltime.

General Interface for DeepAR Time Series Models
General Interface for Deep State Time Series Models
General Interface for GP Forecaster Time Series Models
General Interface for N-BEATS Time Series Models

Saving and Loading Models

The parsnip-adjacent algorithms that implement time series models.

save_gluonts_model() load_gluonts_model()
Saving and Loading GluonTS Models

Dials Tuning Parameters

Tuning parameters for various deep learning models

lookback_length() num_batches_per_epoch() learn_rate_decay_factor() scale_values()
General Tuning Parameters for GluonTS Trainers (All Models)
Tuning Parameters for NBEATS Models

GluonTS Developer Utilities

These are not meant for general use. Usage is internal to library functionality.

Convert a data frame to a GluonTS ListDataset
Convert R Date or POSIXt to Pandas Timestamp
is_gluonts_activated() activate_gluonts() get_python_env() check_gluonts_dependencies() check_pytorch_dependencies() detect_default_gluonts_env()
GluonTS Environment Connection Utilities