A dataset containing data related to bank clients, last contact of the current marketing campaign, and attributes related to a previous marketing campaign.



An object of class tbl_df (inherits from tbl, data.frame) with 45211 rows and 18 columns.


Moro et al., 2014 S. Moro, P. Cortez and P. Rita. A Data-Driven Approach to Predict the Success of Bank Telemarketing. Decision Support Systems, Elsevier, 62:22-31, June 2014

Bank Client Data:

  • ID (chr): CUSTOMER ID

  • AGE (dbl): Customer's age

  • JOB (chr): Type of job (categorical: "admin.","unknown","unemployed","management","housemaid","entrepreneur","student", "blue-collar","self-employed","retired","technician","services")

  • MARITAL (chr): marital status (categorical: "married","divorced","single"; note: "divorced" means divorced or widowed)

  • EDUCATION (chr): categorical: "unknown","secondary","primary","tertiary"

  • DEFAULT (chr): Has credit in default? (binary: "yes","no")

  • BALANCE (dbl): Average yearly balance, in euros (numeric)

  • HOUSING (chr): Has housing loan? (binary: "yes","no")

  • LOAN (chr): Has personal loan? (binary: "yes","no")

  • CONTACT (chr): Contact communication type (categorical: "unknown","telephone","cellular")

  • DAY (dbl): Last contact day of the month (numeric)

  • MONTH (chr): Last contact month of year (categorical: "jan", "feb", "mar", ..., "nov", "dec")

  • DURATION (dbl): Last contact duration, in seconds (numeric)

Additional Attributes:

  • CAMPAIGN (dbl): Number of contacts performed during this campaign and for this client (numeric, includes last contact)

  • PDAYS (dbl): Number of days that passed by after the client was last contacted from a previous campaign (numeric, -1 means client was not previously contacted)

  • PREVIOUS (dbl): Number of contacts performed before this campaign and for this client (numeric)

  • POUTCOME (chr): Outcome of the previous marketing campaign (categorical: "unknown","other","failure","success")

Target Variable (Response):

  • TERM_DEPOSIT (chr): Has the client subscribed a term deposit? (binary: "yes","no")